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Marvelwood News

Marvelwood News

Hello Marvelwood! Fall Family Weekend is approaching! Friday, the 18th of October marks the beginning of family weekend which will last until Tuesday, the 22nd. Students are allowed to go home on Saturday but must be back on campus by 6 P.M. on Tuesday. Before the break begins, parents have an opportunity to meet with our teachers on Friday (1-4pm) and Saturday (9-11am). These conferences allow teachers the chance to discuss how each student is doing academically, to provide parents with an overview of the material covered in each class, and finally to answer any questions or concerns parents may have.

This time of year also marks the beginning of the college application process. Seniors are currently filling out the common application, asking for teacher recommendations, and working on a first draft of their essays. Over forty-five colleges and universities are visiting the campus this fall. Both seniors and juniors are invited to attend those visits which are usually hosted by actual admissions reps from each school. Some of the institutions coming to campus include: Paul Smith’s College, Sacred Heart University, Washington University in St. Louis, Trinity College, University of Denver, and UC Irvine to name a few. Check the school website or the bulletin board across the hall from the College Counseling office for the up-to-date list of schools.

In conclusion, October will be a busy month on the mountain. Family Weekend is our first official “long weekend” when parents can meet with teachers and connect with the school in a special way. I, for one, cannot wait to see my family after nearly a month! I hope everyone enjoys themselves and I wish a happy October to all of us at Marvelwood.


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