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Family Weekend

Parents Weekend

Beginning on Friday and ending at 6 P.M., Tuesday, Parents' Weekend is Marvelwood’s first short vacation period this year. Teachers are able to meet with parents during this time and provide updates on how their students are doing academically and socially. Students are asked to clean their rooms prior to their parents’ arrival, so be ready!

The parents’ weekend starts on Friday. There will be a half-day of classes in the morning followed by conferences in the afternoon. Conferences continue on Saturday morning followed by sports contests in the afternoon, then we will be dismissed for the long weekend which ends at 6 pm on Tuesday, October 22nd. This marks the important time when mid-term grades are due. Teachers are asked to submit those grades by the Wednesday before the weekend. Overall, parents weekend gives you a break from school and many people enjoy it.

This is not a week-long vacation, but it is still important to Marvelwood and its students. Many of us have not seen our families for over a month and it is always a great thing to catch up. There will not be homework assigned, so if you are missing assignments, you will have time to get back on track. So without further ado, the Pterodactyl Times wishes you a happy vacation!


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