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Halloween Dance

Did you celebrate Halloween? Our students at Marvelwood celebrated Halloween! First, we went around the dorm circle, collecting candy and snacks. After that, we gathered in the dining hall for a Halloween party that was, without a doubt, one of our most anticipated events that was planned and executed by our student representatives.

When we say going around the dorm circle to trick or treat, it was more like stopping by teacher cars from 8:15 to 8:30 PM. There were around ten different teachers offering students candy, including Ms. Presti, Ms. West, and Ms. Everrett. At 8:30, we gathered in the dining hall for the dance party, where great snacks like sushi, cookies, and cupcakes were waiting! Our DJ was Dylan Mitchel ‘20, who played primarily rap songs.The students had a blast showing off their dancing skills and moves!

The Halloween party, with its featured snacks and dancing, was a great experience for most students. I personally want to thank our student representatives and staff for this high-energy extravaganza, especially our DJ. Thanks, Dylan! I personally enjoyed the dancing and food at the party, even though it was really hot in the dining hall. It was a nice Tuesday for Marvelwood as most students did not attend the optional study hall. Happy Halloween Pterodactyls!


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