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ISIS Leader is Dead

The Leader of ISIS Killed

On October 27, a raid in Syria cornered the longtime leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, in a tunnel under the house where he was hiding, and where he killed himself and his three children with suicide vest. The raid was carried out by U.S. Forces, Kurds, and the Syrian Democratic Front (SDF). The U.S. team also had a K-9 unit along for the ride that participated in the raid as part of the Delta Force. The dog responsible for cornering Al-Baghdadi, Conan, sustained minor injuries and is now fully recovering. This raid has been called a success, but some believe the terrorist group is likely to resurge. Before the raid, in order to prove that Al-Baghdadi was actually there, an SDF “mole” stole his underwear which was then tested for DNA. The result was conclusive and the raid on the compound was conducted. The President tweeted how the leader was “whimpering” and “crying” but a top general does not know the source of those claims. The President also gave a positive shout-out to Conan, the hero dog in the raid.


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