• Will Baird '23

Week Update

Marvelwood has had a busy week, with soccer playoffs, the play, and the dance at Darrow! You might be a little confused about this week’s schedule, so I advise everyone to look over the Marvelwood website for updates. On top of that, the air is getting colder and we might just have our first snowfall this week, so dress appropriately!

The varsity soccer teams both have their first playoff games today! The girls are playing Storm King and the boys are playing PDS. We also have a dance at Darrow School on Saturday and a chance of a little snow later this week! Marvelwood’s theater will present “She Kills Monsters” this Friday and Saturday. The Friday performance is primarily for students and Saturday for parents and guests. We do have finals coming up, so make sure to study effectively, but enjoy the week while you’re at it!

So from the soccer playoffs to the first play of the year, best of luck to every Marvelwood student in their activities this week. Word is that the play is very funny and features great performances. And of course, the soccer games will be big ones!


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