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Winter Exam Info!

Marvelwood Exam Info

Marvelwood’s fall term is about to end, however, some of our most difficult exams are still to come. Some of these tests summarize almost the entire term’s material, and you only have two hours to complete them. After all the exams, we will have a ten day break between the end of the fall term and the beginning of winter term on December 2nd; however, we are not talking about that today.

Marvelwood ends the fall term and spring term with exams, but today our focus is on what’s approaching in less than two weeks from now. The exams will be given from Tuesday the 19th to Thursday the 21st. There are two exams scheduled for each day with allowances given for conflict exams on Thursday. The testing begins promptly at 9am in the morning and 1pm in the afternoon.

The Marvelwood fall term exams are usually a review of what students have learned during the ten-week term. They are also the last opportunity for seniors to boost their marks that will be sent to prospective colleges. If you have conflict exams, you need to see Dr. Hunt or check the posted schedule to find out when those will be given.

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