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Week Update

What is Reading Day?

What is Reading Day? Reading Day at Marvelwood offers students a chance to get some help from their teachers before the final exams. Reading day will occur on Monday, November 18th. It is not mandatory, however, some teachers may give you extra credit points for showing up to their classes when they normally meet. Remember, it can only benefit you, so it is highly recommended that you stop by all your classes next Monday, if only to say hi and check in with your teachers. You never know what hints about the exam you might pick up!

What is preview day?

For the new students that did not know, Preview Day occurred last Saturday. Preview Day gives prospective students and their parents the opportunity to check out the school, take guided tours, and attend a conference conducted by both faculty and students to learn as much information as possible about Marvelwood. Preview day will occur again during the Spring term. Pro Tip! On Preview Days, make sure your in dress code and looking nice!


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