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We have had another whirlwind week at Marvelwood with the sports banquet, the dance at Darrow School, and Hannah Neilson leaving. Here is a recap of the week, as some of you may need to catch up with the Pterodactyl Times.

The dance at Darrow was on Saturday and about a dozen Marvelwood students attended. There was dancing, some snacks, and a DJ. Even though this event was good, I think we could throw a better one here at Marvelwood! On Tuesday, we had a sports banquet! The cross country, equestrian, mountain biking, boys and girls soccer teams all received acknowledgments from their coaches and peers. Last, of all, Hannah Neilson the Round Square exchange student, left Marvelwood this sunday to return home to Australia and she will be missed by all of us. Hannah made many friends in the short time she was here, so Marvelwood won’t forget her any time soon.

That was all for this week Marvelwood! Enjoy your weekend, stay positive for your finals, and make sure to read the Pterodactyl Times every week in order to catch up on things you may have missed. As always, have a great week Pterodactyls!


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