• Kaleb YW '20

Four Seasons


Today, I thought I’d write about the influence that nature has on our lives, specifically the way the seasons do. The idea and presence of the four seasons is one that affects everyone in a unique way. Everyone has their favorites, and typically a least favorite as well, but not always. Personally, they are a big deal for me, as I am constantly being impacted by my physical environment and the energy I pick up from the wind, the sky, the sun, as well as the different sights and smells I encounter while I’m outside. I think we all have times when the best thing for us to do is sit under a shady tree with your eyes closed while the air blows past you, potentially deconstructing the things that trouble. I believe that literature features one of the more easier comparisons in order or understanding this, Summer representing maturity, Spring representing rebirth and reinvention, Autumn symbolizing old age, and finally winter being death.


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