• Maxwell Foster '20

CASA meeting

CASA Real Talks are a monthly event in the library meant to allow students to talk about major social issues that are prevalent from here at school and around the world. Standing for Cultural and Social Awareness, CASA has been a part of the school since 1988. It was co-founded by Ms. Doss with Keisha Clevland Baptiste ‘91 in response to the untimely death of Desmond Letsie Mphenyke ‘89. He was a student from South Africa who came seeking educational opportunity and an escape from apathied. He unfortunately passed in the spring of his Junior Year from congenital heart failure. As students grieved his death, they realized that there was so much about Desmond and the struggles that he and many others faced in South Africa that they didn’t know about. Since then, CASA has been about learning, discussing, and promoting equality and acceptance. Each year, Desmond is remembered through the Desmond Mphenyke Cup presented each prize day. The trophy is engraved with the words, “To all those courageous souls who have inherited Demond’s spirit and continue to fight for peace and equality.” CASA will continue to host Real Talks and discuss other social issues and monthly observances.


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