• Andrew Margolis '22

London Stabbing

Stabbing in London

On November 29, 2019, 5 people were stabbed on London Bridge. Two people were fatally stabbed. They were identified as University of Cambridge graduates. The stabber has been identified as Usman Khan, who was also previously convicted of terrorism. Khan was shot and killed by police officers after stabbing two people to death and injuring three. He had a fake bomb strapped to him when he was shot. Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave remarks about having appropriate prison sentences for the most dangerous criminals. London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, praised the heroism of “ordinary Londoners.” One man battled the criminal with a narwhal tusk before he was tackled to the ground by surrounding bystanders. The three injured are still in the hospital. The man wielding the narwhal tusk was a Polish worker and is still alive.


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