• Will Baird '23

UPS Drug trafficking

An investigation that began in 2017 recently led to a drug bust of four UPS employees who smuggled more than 50,000 counterfeit THC vape pens. Two supervisors and two drivers from UPS, along with seven other men, were busted. The UPS employees had the knowledge of a gray area within the UPS infrastructure which allowed them to evade authorities on both ends. The arrested UPS employees are suspected of trafficking other narcotics, while the other seven men were charged with shipping drugs and operating stash houses for illicit materials. The UPS employees are to be charged with money laundering, drug possession and drug distribution. Mario Barcelo and Gary Love were the supervisors, and Michael Castro and Thomas Mendoza were the drivers.

Life will always heed the most peculiar contrasts. I hope you enjoyed reading this short article on the UPS drug trafficking scandal. Have a great week pterodactyls!


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