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Music on the Mountain

This past Friday, Marvelwood’s open mic concert, Music on the Mountain celebrated its 40th show. The event was held as usual in the dining hall from 8:30 to 10:15 pm on Friday the 6th and featured over a dozen acts. Music on the Mountain showcases all kinds of musical talents and also often includes poetry readings and comedy routines. Some of the student performers included Max Foster, Maddie Paddock, Brooke Madden, Gracia Galicia, Jonah Waxman, Kim Nguyen, and Cooper Holmes. Also offering their talents were faculty members Tim Smith, Josh Gladstone, Harper Pratt and recording artists Joe Knowlton and Bing (Bingham). MOTM will be back on February 7th for the Valentine's Day show and finish the school year with two more events on April 10th and May 1st.


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